We do not claim any originality in our aims for RM. In fact, we freely admit we stole them! Once upon a time they belonged to the BBC but when we were passing Broadcasting House in London recently, we found them in a skip with other old, worn out and no longer fashionable bits and pieces so we recovered them and here they are.

We aim to:

educate, inform and entertain

[but not necessarily in bold type].

We don’t actually insist, if you dip into RM, that you come out feeling more educated or better informed [although we rather hope it sometimes will happen] but we do insist that you feel entertained, that you have had an enjoyable experience.

To that end we take a somewhat expansive interpretation of Reading.  We offer text, of course, with, where appropriate, illustrations.  We offer audio because listening is often the companion of reading.  We offer video because watching is often the neighbour of listening.

We hope you will enjoy what we offer.